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Ever think your students are way ahead of you? And you're not exactly sure where they are? Technologically, your kids might outpace you in speed and adaptation, and they probably have different expectations of their educations than we did as students. But K-12 learners still need guidance and someone to shape and facilitate their educational endeavors. This course is the place to start when preparing to do so.

The pathway laid out here includes a robust definition of a 21st century learner, and the framework established to articulate current and future essential skills, including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving. On the technology side, you'll learn to implement its use in class; develop media literacy, search, and research skills; curate online content; and analyze data. The badge you earn at the end of this course proves you've mastered the background knowledge, are fluent in 21st century skills, and are prepared to help today's students thrive.

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