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Digital Literacy for Teachers and Administrators is a Course

Digital Literacy for Teachers and Administrators

Started May 20, 2016

$150 Enroll

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If you wish to receive university credit for this course, you will need to pay an additional $75 directly to the University of the Pacific.

They say an ostrich buries its head in the sand to avoid the world around it. While that might sound like an appealing strategy when it comes to digital media, as school administrators, educators and parents, we’re charged with teaching kids to keep safe and healthy, and to be effective learners, online and off!

No need to dig a hole in the ground and hide any more! If you are charged with guiding young people through life’s important digital lessons, this comprehensive course from the experts at Cyberwise can help. It features videos and articles chock-full of stats, tips, and guidance on a broad range of issues related to online living.

You’ll learn about the following:

  • Balancing life, relationships, and screen time
  • Digital citizenship: Ethical use & the developing brain
  • Privacy: What information is safe to share, what is not
  • Relationships: How to keep them safe and healthy
  • Your digital reputation: Managing how you appear to others online
  • Security: Passwords to virus protection

We believe new knowledge is the best way to preempt digital media problems and issues before they arise. As always, you can choose to show evidence of your learning with AOK projects that develop curriculum and strategies to use with your kids. Our credentialed reviewers will assess your work using the AOK rubric and let you know when you’ve earned a new badge. Congratulations! You’re helping students lead safe, healthy, and productive online lives.


Cyberwise worked together with the non-profit iKeepSafe, the California Schools Library Association (CSLA), and Verizon Wireless on a ground-breaking digital literacy program for families. From research conducted by iKeepSafe – contributed by information security experts, public health professionals, law enforcement, digital literacy experts, and media psychologists six “must-know” concepts about digital literacy emerged. CyberWise expanded upon this research so that teachers and administrators could also gain this important knowledge.