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Google Classroom is a Course

Google Classroom


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*$150 enrollment fee is for 1 individual course. Or, enroll in our PDLN Suite to access all PDLN badge and micro-badge courses for just $250.

If you wish to receive university credit for this course, you will need to pay an additional $75 directly to the University of the Pacific.

In the words of a favorite movie pirate at a moment of surprise: "Well, slap me thrice and hand me to me mummy!" It's not often teachers feel truly heard about what would really help us, especially amid the din of "What's needed in education?" (Every swab on deck seems to know the answer… how many times have you wanted to shout "aaaaaaargh!"?) But Google heard our plea for parley. And delivered the treasure chest called Google Classroom.

You'll learn Google Classroom brass tacks: how-to from set-up to integration into your class(es). You'll also learn the hows and whys for such a program at the site or district levels. You'll find tools to help administrators and decision makers implement it system-wide, if they haven't already. You'll even learn to influence changes and improvements Google makes in future versions of Classroom!

You'll only be able to practice along with the course, and complete some of the Assessments of Knowledge (AOKs), if Classroom has been activated by leadership at your school or district. However, each section will have at least one AOK that you can complete without having access to Google Classroom. Meanwhile, the course serves as an excellent introduction to the tool and provides ample reasons and guidance to support organization-wide adoption.

Either way, you'll come out of the course equipped to use Google Classroom to strengthen your own teaching practice, and to articulate and demonstrate its power to help schools and districts improve learning, and the lives of teachers. And your Assessment of Knowledge (AOK) project options always include at least one choice that leads to you creating curriculum you can take right to your students as well.

District approval for university credit is recommended before enrolling as tuition is non-refundable. The University of the Pacific does not guarantee units will be accepted by any entity.