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Content Curation for the 21st Century is a Course

Content Curation for the 21st Century


$50 Enroll

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*$50 enrollment fee is for 1 individual micro course. Or, enroll in our PDLN Suite to access all PDLN courses for just $250. 

Staggering! We've all heard the statistics about how knowledge and information are expanding exponentially. The key to making effective use of all that's out there is to know how to find and juxtapose information and resources to express a unique point of view.

Curation of information is an essential skill for both learners and educators that is unique to the 21st century.

In this course you'll read articles and infographics, watch videos, and explore apps and tools for curating online content into meaningful collections. You'll find detailed instructions and professional purposes for moving your curriculum and professional documents off the desk and out of the filing cabinet into the cloud.

You'll understand Pinterest as a specific, teacher-friendly content curation tool.

And you'll have the chance to develop curriculum you can apply in class right away, as an option for your AOK project. Your micro-badge shows you've mastered the conceptual and practical facets of content curation.