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Digital Citizenship with Social Media is a Course

Digital Citizenship with Social Media


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*$50 enrollment fee is for 1 individual micro course. Or, enroll in our PDLN Suite to access all PDLN courses for just $250. 

At the end of each of my secondary English classes, I shared the devotional with my students: "Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other." That was Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, it was "Have fun. Be safe. Make good choices."

Teaching students how to maintain their own digital safety and still be themselves is critical to positive digital citizenship. The same holds true for teachers.

This micro-credential course explores both philosophical perspectives about the impact of social media and the pragmatics of keeping safe online with privacy settings, courteous communication, and digital etiquette.

You'll learn how written communication can be most effective and contribute to healthy relationships. You'll find details about how to protect privacy, with the understanding that nothing shared online is ever totally private nor secure. And you'll explore current research on digital communication and connectedness and find curriculum addressing the impact of social media in public life.

You can choose to complete an AOK that results in work you can use with your students right away. The micro-badge our team of credentialed teacher evaluators awards when your work demonstrates your competence shows that you're equipped to use social media in class safely and to help your students keep themselves safe as well.

My admonition applied as much to their social lives online as to their lives conducted live and in person.