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Google Drive Fundamentals is a Course

Google Drive Fundamentals


$50 Enroll

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*$50 enrollment fee is for 1 individual micro course. Or, enroll in our PDLN Suite to access all PDLN courses for just $250. 

Get a handle on the central nervous system of Google's game-changing suite of applications. It's like knowing how to charge your phone: essential to your ability to do all that needs doing this century, for teachers and students alike.

This short course packs in all you need to operate your Google Drive. You'll be able to set up your account, understand the file types that work with Drive (including Word and PowerPoint), navigate access to everything you store in your Drive, organize your materials, and more. That way, you can plan and support meaningful learning opportunities, instead of fiddling with the lock on your cyber-filing cabinet. You'll walk away with a micro-badge that shows you know how to move about the Drive system.