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Google Mobile Apps is a Course

Google Mobile Apps


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*$50 enrollment fee is for 1 individual micro course. Or, enroll in our PDLN Suite to access all PDLN courses for just $250. 

We've been there, Teachers. We know that the "flexibility" of teaching lies in the reality that you often work at home, or on the go. With Google Mobile Apps, you can access and work with the files you've created on your mobile device, whether a tablet or smartphone.

With Mobile Apps, you can put finishing touches on a handout, review feedback from parents, or comment on students' presentation projects during those often-frustrating downtimes when you're in the dentist's waiting room, on hold with customer service, even while someone ahead of you rifles through coupons at checkout. Your micro-badge from this course shows you can work at max efficiency wherever you are, whenever you want.