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Microsoft Excel is a Course

Microsoft Excel

Started Dec 29, 2016

$50 Enroll

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*$50 enrollment fee is for 1 individual micro course. Or, enroll in our PDLN Suite to access all PDLN courses for just $250. 

Excel is a many splendored thing. In the era of big data, educators might have more professional overlap with traditional numbers crunchers, but Excel can help with much more than that!

Use it to keep track of everything from attendance, seating charts, and parent field trip volunteers to evaluating assessments and supporting learning with science lab results, mathematical formulas, and collaboration.

This thorough course will take you from complete novice (if you need it) to expert data analyst, impeccable organizer of all things teaching, and facilitator of learning with a powerful tool for class. How-to videos give you the step by step, and articles and teaching units provide concrete ways to make instruction more engaging and integrate essential 21st century skills into your curriculum.

And PDLN is a teacher outfit, so we get you. Every Assessment of Knowledge (AOK) includes options that allow you to demonstrate your competency with the course content AND walk away with curriculum you can put into place in your teaching practice right away. Our credentialed reviewers will assess your work according to this rubricand award a badge that certifies your mastery of Excel for education.

Visit Microsoft for Education for more ideas.