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Planning a 1:1 Program is a Course

Planning a 1:1 Program


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"Plan, plan, stop and then plan some more." That's the advice of an administrator who's been there, and whose district implemented a 1:1 program that now serves as a model for districts nationwide.

Planning for a 1:1 rollout requires a multi-faceted approach. A successful implementation carefully prepares for the following:

  • stakeholder buy-in
  • financial considerations (both one-time and ongoing),
  • adequate infrastructure, wireless access, and IT support,
  • identifying educational objectives,
  • choosing the best devices for the job,
  • teacher professional development and student training, and
  • sustainability.
This course explores all components of an effective 1:1 plan and features districts that have made successful transitions into a 1:1 program. Impacts on student achievement are highlighted. You'll watch videos, read articles and blog posts, see an implementation rubric for guidance, and more.

Your AOK options include the chance to reflect on a plan for a 1:1 program at your school. The micro-badge you earn shows you are equipped to thoughtfully contribute to 1:1 planning with an eye to all the pertinent issues.