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Technology's central role in educational endeavors requires teachers to know how to use it to advance innovation and redefine learning. This course traverses the SAMR model, Ruben Puentedura's methodology for integrating technology into instruction. In early research into tech in the classroom, Dr. Puentedura identified four levels of application in learning and teaching.

Technology tools can be implemented in a learning environment in substitution of tasks conducted in traditional classrooms. Augmentation includes some enhancement of students' capability undertake and express their learning. With modification, the nature of learning is transformed into something deeper than previously possible, and redefinition engenders entirely new outcomes resulting from technological capacity.

You'll meet Dr. Puentedura himself and embark on a thorough examination of how each level of implementation impacts and defines 21st century learning. And you'll be reassured; it doesn't all have to happen at once!

Teachers are efficient and have a serious job to do. We get you! Therefore, you have an option to create an AOK project to use in class with your students. Once our team of credentialed teachers evaluates your work, the micro-badge you earn proves you're capable of applying technology at all levels in your instruction.