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1:1 in the Classroom - META is a Course

1:1 in the Classroom - META

Started Jan 27, 2016

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Leonardo da Vinci was a genius at design. But he still needed real tools and building materials to make his plans come to life. This course is a teacher's toolkit of the nuts and bolts that will help you make your 1:1 vision a reality. (By contrast with Leonardo's aircraft, your project will probably actually get off the ground.)

Once you've got a device for every student, how to make meaningful use of it? Which tools are most effective? How to manage new potential distractions? What to do if the wifi goes out?

You'll watch videos, read articles, decode infographics, and virtually-meet teachers who are putting 1:1 into practice successfully. And you'll come away with scads of app and online tool recommendations, tips for flipped learning as part of 1:1, ideas for redefinition-level integration at all grade levels, and get advice on useful approaches beyond lesson planning.

You can use at least one of your AOK options as both an opportunity to advance 1:1 in your real-life learning environment and to demonstrate your competence. Your micro-badge shows you possess the practical know-how to make 1:1 fly.
  • 2 Clock Hours