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Google Forms - META is a Course

Google Forms - META

Started Dec 29, 2015

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Full course description

Ready to have fun with your students? Ready for it to be easy? Google Forms is a snap to use, so engaging for students, and makes handling all the information you get completely automatic. With a little, wee, tiny bit of preparation during waking hours, you can gather input from your most introverted learners and organize parent communication while you sleep, literally!

With Google Forms, you can assess learning, take class votes, gather feedback, and encourage communication, without so much as an awkward moment nor a single piece of paper changing hands. You'll learn the nine kinds of questions you can include in a Form, how to have responses drop automatically into a spreadsheet, and other miraculous things this simple tool enables you to do. And you'll have a micro-badge in hand that proves it!

  • 4 Clock Hours