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Samsung Innovator is a Program

Samsung Innovator


$200 Enroll

Full program description

Samsung Certified Teacher Academy

Innovator Badge - Scope and Sequence Outline

Project Completion Goal: Spring 2017 (SXSWedu)

Length of Course: 15 Clock Hours, 1 Unit of Optional University Credit

Innovator Badge Proposed Outline

  1. Introduction to Samsung Certified Teacher Innovator Badge

  1. Host/Guide throughout course will go over objectives for course.

    1. Objective 1: Participants will grow to be innovators in their schools/districts

    2. Objective 2: Learners will create a capstone project to share with the community

    3. Objective 3: Samsung community

  1. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

  2. Connect, Communicate & Collaborate

  3. Assessing 21st Century Skills

  4. Digital Law

  5. Rights & Responsibilities of Digital Citizenship

  6. Planning a 1:1 Program

  7. Elective (Participants to choose 1 or more)

    1. Results of Flipping a Classroom

    2. 1:1 in the Classroom

    3. 1:1 Success Stories

  8. Conclusion:

    1. Host/Guide will walk through the capstone project and objectives/rubric for evaluation

    2. Participants will submit their evidence to PDLN to evaluate

    3. Once participants have “passed” their evaluation they would be issued their Badge w/ metadata tied to the course.

    4. Capstone project to be shared with Samsung Academy community

    5. Application for university credit directly through PDLN’s university partner