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Creating a Flipped Video - TASA is a Course

Creating a Flipped Video - TASA

Started Jan 5, 2016

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So what if you're not Spielberg! Most of us didn't expect to be filmmakers when we entered the teaching profession. But flipping instruction makes so much sense — engagement skyrockets and you're liberated to do more of the important work with your students — that it's a pretty compelling argument to add "video producer, director, and star" to your resume.

Plus, with a little experimenting, and the resources in this course, you can get the hang of making videos to use when flipping lessons in no time. And have fun with it, too.

Recent national research shows that 68% of school administrators* expect new teachers to be able to create videos, podcasts and other media for instruction. If this wasn't part of your initial training, there's no time like the present!

You'll discover specific techniques and tools for making flipped learning videos. From the nitty gritty of lighting, screencasting, and editing to the broader issues of student accountability, common hurdles, and what's best to flip. The micro-badge you earn shows that you know how to make flipped videos, and how to use them for best effect.

*Speak Up 2014, national research by Project Tomorrow and Flipped Learning Network, February 2015
  • 2 Clock Hours