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Google Docs - TASA is a Course

Google Docs - TASA

Started Dec 28, 2015

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

If you've never used Docs, you are about to become spoiled. You'll never lose a piece of written work you create again, and you'll never have to save (nor forget to save) anything again. It's like having your own personal document butler!

With this concise course, you'll unlock the magic potential of word processing in the cloud. Learn to create a new document, format it, use the handy tools at your disposal, insert tables, save text from one place to use elsewhere, find and review older versions of your work, and share and collaborate with others in Docs. The micro-badge you earn will show you've mastered the basics of creating and sharing documents in this newly ubiquitous, cloud-based word processor.
  • 4 Clock Hours