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Introduction to Flipped Classroom - TASA is a Course

Introduction to Flipped Classroom - TASA

Started Jan 5, 2016

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Full course description

Who hasn't wished they had more time to give kids one-on-one support in class? Who hasn't been frustrated with trying to keep on task 30 kids with diverse levels of interest, ability, socio-economic circumstances, health, and focus on any given day? No one. Ever.

Enter flipped instruction. It works for Khan Academy, it can work for you too. In this course, you'll establish a strong foundation in the "what" and "why" of flipping a classroom.

Join flipped classroom guru Kelly Clifford for several lessons on how and why her district flipped learning, not only for students, but for teacher professional development as well.

You'll also read articles and watch video talks from Sal Khan, other experienced practitioners, and thought leaders on flipped learning.

The micro-badge you receive once your AOK is evaluated according to this rigorous rubric and approved proves you're equipped to discuss with fluency and plan for flipped instruction at your site.
  • 1.5 Clock Hours